Regional governments, especially the UAE, are relentlessly pursuing policies to boost competitiveness of their industrial sector. Governments and businesses are pumping in billions of dollars on emerging technologies like robotics and automation to boost productivity and efficiency. Initiatives, such as the UAEprogramme to develop 1,000 technological projects and industrial census project, are launched to promote innovation, research & development, and enhance local supply chains.


The soaring success of SteelFab is due to its increasing focus on several industrial segments within the manufacturing industry. Hence, Welding & Cutting, Power Tools, Machine Tools, Pipe & Tube Machinery, Stainless Steel and AI & Robotics are key attractions at the event. It constantly realigns with industry requirements, with AI & Robotics being a recent addition to its core focus areas.

Steeling the Show

That SteelFab is the foremost trade event for the metal working industry in the UAE and the Middle East is a known fact. Now, with the UAE government adopting policies to speed up digital transformation of the industrial sector in the country, SteelFab has emerged as a game changer for the regional metal working industry. What makes it indispensable is its role in helping regional players develop digital capabilities that would help them gain an edge in a hypercompetitive market.

Digital Revolution

In manufacturing, the range of opportunities for digital transformation is tremendous, and utilizes AI tools, data lakes, new connectivity standards, advanced analytics, and robotics besides people, processes, and things. Manufacturers leverage information and data from a wide range of processes to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. SteelFab, through its display of cutting-edge technologies, arms regional players with digital forces, thus helping them rejig business models with new value propositions.

Innovate to Dominate

With the latest technological advancements, such as IoT and automation, the metal fabrication industry is undergoing rapid changes. From product research and development, quality assurance, and everything in between, technological advancements are changing the manufacturing process. Smart sensors, immersive technology gadgets, sustainable materials and green energy sources are being embraced widely.

All-in-One Event

There is no event like SteelFab in the region that has such a broad focus area. Right from providing the A-to-Z requirements of the metal working industry, to catering to the entire industrial segments, and presenting the most comprehensive showcase of latest innovations and technology, SteelFab is always at the top of the game.

Extensive Reach

Though the main focus of the event is the metal working, metal manufacturing and steel fabrication industry, sectors like oils & gas, construction, manufacturing, electrical, ship building and several others allied industries count on SteelFab for customized solutions and services.

Wide Target

SteelFab focuses on a wide spectrum of industrial segments through its special focus areas such as Power Tools, Machine Tools, Welding & Cutting and Pipes & Tubes.