Metalltechnik Schmidt has produced FERROSAD low carbon steel shot for over 50 years. We use only the highest quality of raw materials which combined with our in house expertise gives a superior abrasive. Our continued investment in modern technology combined with our consistent attention to customer's needs aids us in delivering the perfect surface finish.

The right abrasive must fit perfectly into your production process. Metalltechnik Schmidt can offer a variety of different products and sizes to give you a competitive advantage:

low abrasive consumption
good surface coverage
consistent blasting times
low equipment wear and tear
support service from our sales representatives and technical consultant

Products and services

Low carbon steel shot FERROSAD has a long life and is extremely durable because it is relatively crack free. Since low carbon after shotting has a largely bainitic microstructure, heat treatment is not required. In most high carbon shot, surface cracking will occur during atomisation which is due to the high carbon content and the resultant high hardness. During the subsequent necessary heat treatment it is possible that the already existing cracks could get even larger.

Due to its shape, FERROPLUS steel shot is significantly more abrasive whilst retaining the same consumption advantages of FERROSAD due to their identical chemical analysis and bainitic microstructure.

Application: blast cleaning in wheel machines and compressed air systems.

New ALUSAD is a high quality cast aluminium shot which, with a copper content of less than 0.03 % is virtually copper free. 
MTS-3000, Magnetic Floor Sweeper

We offer a manually operated magnetic floor sweeper to collect stray particles from the work area and return them to the machine.