The main objective of 1960 Seravesi Srl is that of supplying sheet metal forming machinery such as 3 and 4 rolls plate bending machines, presses and flanging machines, alongside the manufacturing of this constructing machinery, starting from its design down to the final testing and assembly on site with the utmost precision and care.

We are manufacturer of:
• Plate Bending Machines 3 Rolls With Variable Geometry And Double Pre-Bending;
• 4 Rolls Pyramidal With Double Pre-Bend;
• Hydraulic Press Presses With Mobile Piston And Fix Gantry;
• Presses With Fix Piston And Gantry;
• Presses With Mobile Piston And Gantry;
• Hydraulic Manipulators;
• Hydraulic Flanging Machines;
• Special Machine According To The Customer Request