Founded 40 years ago,EUROBOOR has grown into a renowned manufacturer of professional industrial power tools for steel industries.

The extensive range of products includes:
Magnetic Drilling Machines
Annular cutters
Sawing tools
Grinding tools
Beveling tools

Opperating from five strategically positioned locations on each continent the company's products are distributed and sold in 76 countries worldwide.

At the core of EUROBOOR's motto is INNOVATION. EUROBOOR's team of engineers constantly improves it's products by paying close attention to market feedback, and most of all by listening to workshops staff, bringing to the market what the workers are looking for in their metal fabrication solutions.

This year at the coming exhibit STEELFAB, Euroboor is demonstrating in a full action the new breakthrough ECO-TUBE.30. Capable of drilling on round and flat surfaces with no additional accessories, this magnetic drilling machine makes drilling pipes easy like never before! At it's unique pivot base the patented shallow-field magnetic technology offers incredibly strong grip, even on steel as thin as 3mm.

Other novelties include the newly developed ECO.55 series with the auto-feed option, stacked with a smart technology such as SMART RESTART and overload protection, making these machines bullletproof and extremely easy to work with. Last but not least, come and see the new ECO.200 magnetic drilling machine that is capable of executing heavy duty tasks such as drilling holes up to 200mm diameter.

Visit booth no. 4505 and get every piece of advice you might need about drilling solutions.

To find out more check out www.euroboor.com