Imas Machinery System is a manufacturer of metal cutting processes - Bandsaws- under the name of CUTERAL as one of the leading manufacturer in Turkey has been established in 1989. It is one of the members of ITTIFAK Holding, which owns 6 factories and 20 companies. There are about 19,000 shareholders and 4,500 employees in ITTIFAK Holding. 165 employees,20% of whom are Engineer and Technician in Imas , have more than 8.000 sqm of closed production area on 13.000 sqm field. After long success story of imas machinery with its 27 years experiences, we have built up a technological and developed facility on the 56.000 sqm field and with its 28.000 sqm of closed production area and the planning of move to the new facility is going to be in the third quarter of 2016. We manufacture high quality Band sawing Machines for the general use with a line of 28 different products. Cutting ranges are from 220 mm up to 2000 mm diameter. With CE, T‹V and TSEK certificates approved products, IMAS offers guarantees and security to their customers for a long lasting relationship. We have customers in more than 50 countries.

Also some of the main purposes of imas company under the name of Cuteral are

To manufacture the best quality

To be one of the strongest competitor in the world

Cutting the metals with its professional and high quality bandsaw machines

Always keep in touch with the customers for after-sales support