The cutting of metal is the first &almost unavoidable phase in metal processing. While the economics of turning and milling are very well understood, but for the band saw cutting, data is somewhat of a secret or not precisely researched.

At Pilana Metal s.r.o., we have not only researched and developed tooth designs, for metal processing, but also developed sawing tools by implementing those designs and manufacturing processes. Our continuous endeavor to development of sawing tools since 1934, (Pilana Metal s.r.o was established in 1934), has put us in reputed league of manufactures.
,Br> Today, Pilana Metal s.r.o., is a leading and quality Sawing tools manufacturer from Czech Republic, manufacturing a whole range of Sawing products starting from Band Saw Blades (manufacturing in M42 and M52 grades) and Hack saw Blades (All HSS hacksaw blades, Bimetal hand hack saw blades). It is located in Hulin, Czech Republic and has state of art manufacturing facility, equipped with most modern machines. It is managed by professional and technocrate team of manager and engineers.

It has latest manufacturing technology, gives an excellent background to the development of Bimetal Band-Saw Blade with high speed steel which contains tungsten, molybdenum, chrome, cobalt and vanadium. We hereby offer different types of Bimetal M-42 grade Blades, M51 Grade blades for metal cutting.

Pilana Metal cutting band saw blades product range comprises of blades for cutting metal in various configuration (like solid squares, rectangles, circular; profiles like tubes, pipes, sections in single piece or multilayer cutting etc). Similarly Hack saw blades are available in Carbon steel with constant TPI, all hard HSS hack saw blades and flexible HSS blades, Bimetal hack saw blades with progressive teeth. Double sided teeth combi hack saw blades).

Today, Pilana metal cutting blades and hack saw blades are being supplied around the globe. Our mission: We strive to achieve Customer satisfaction and loyalty through use of our technology leading towards economics in metal cutting.