GMA Garnet Group (GMA) is an integrated garnet mining, processing, shipping, global marketing and distribution organization providing the highest quality industrial garnet for the surface preparation and waterjet cutting industries. The Group has pioneered the operation of large-scale garnet recycling facilities in Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA offering an environmentally friendly solution to the disposal of used garnet.

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* Premium Quality Blasting Abrasive
* Superior Quality Waterjet Cutting Abrasive
* Garnet Recycling & Disposal Solution
* Genuine Waterjet Consumables & Spares

Introducing tetraCORE™ (First new orifice material in 30 years):

GMA Garnet Group has now added the exclusive global distributorship of the tetraCORE™ products to its list of other valued products for the Waterjet and surface preparation market. Waterjet upgraded with tetraCORE™ provides Longer cutting hours, Minimized Material Waste, Increased Equipment ROI and Operational Excellence. Manufactured under tightly controlled conditions, tetraCORE™ approaches the hardness and wear resistance of diamond while offering prices comparable to ruby and sapphire. For more details, please contact GMA GARNET (MIDDLE EAST) FZE- Tel: +971-4-8837577, email: gma@emirates.net.ae