Murata Machinery has a long history of rising to the challenge of technological development and has accumulated a stock of reliable mechanical and electronic technologies. Our technical staff love to solve problems that appear impossible and their zeal has generated hundreds of international patents. Our developing cutting-edge products in quick succession is the manifestation of our company's flexible attitude to espousing radical new ideas and our spirited response to every challenge.

Constantly updating hardware technology in step with the times is natural for a machinery manufacturer, but at Murata Machinery we also focus on developing software technology by suggesting optimal production applications and providing technical support tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. For this purpose, we provide our technical staff with the latest research facilities and a creative environment, in which they can transform abstract ideas into concrete designs.

This burning desire to ask new questions and seek new answers is the impetus to Murata Machinery's creativity.
We take all possible measures to ensure not only with the training system before delivery, also with support system after delivery.
In addition to the regular inspection and maintenance support, when any trouble should happen, we will take quick action for quick restoration with well-experienced service person, abundant knowledge database, and the latest spare parts stock and delivery system.