Nitty-Gritty Specialist in Stainless Steel.
Clinox is the most complete and advanced range of machines for weld cleaning available today in the world.

By drawing on the inverter technology that Nitty-Gritty have been the first to apply to their machines, all the Clinox can control the current, thus ensuring not to damage the stainless steel irremediably.

In one step only, which ensures the best result without wasting time, all Clinox machines do both the pickling – passivation.

That is the removal of ferric oxide (with the typical blue and bronze-brown color) , Thus protecting the aesthetic side of the steel and avoiding the corrosion of the latter, and the passivation, that is the restoration of the layer of chromium oxide, which protects the stainless steel from corrosion.

Nitty-Gritty is the only one that can granting you with:

A) The only one with a patented gas vacuum system
B) The first ones to introduce the inverter technology, avoiding the pitting corrosion;
C) The only ones with the patented engineering plastic-pad
D) The first ones to integrate the automatic pump to dose the pickling liquid
E) The only ones who have the patented tank-integrated second torch
F) Our Clinox Rec is the only machine in the world which recirculates and filters the electrolyte.

This ensures an indisputable result that makes the stainless steel shine: this is Nitty-Gritty’s mission, their trade-mark.
Nitty-Gritty: Make it shine.