KOBELCO has been in business for over more than 100 years and is part of the KOBE steel group in Japan.

KOBE steel welding materials ranging from covered Electrodes, Semi-Automatic welding wires to wires and fluxes for automatic welding, all produced under rigorous Japanese standards.

Each product is highly acclaimed by industries both inside and outside Japan for proven reliability and under various welding conditions.

KOBELCO continues research and development on new products and welding processes and is one of the leaders on the technological and innovative side.

This year we will be show casing the MX200 on Steel Fab since it offers exceptional performance and huge cost savings. Some of the main benefits are:

• Huge cost savings
• Higher welding speeds
• 30% more deposition rate than the standard rutile cored wire
• Better resistance to shop primer
• Glossy finish, smooth bead appearance due to thin, regular slag covering.
• Regular bead profile at a wide range of welding speeds due to excellent fusion at the toe of the fillet weld
• Less spatter due to smooth droplet transfer.
• Smaller leg length (approx... 4mm) can be made more easily due to a stable arc at lower amperage.