EQUINOX Global Trading Fze has been a preferred supplier and partner for industrial machines related to production, workshop machines, and fabrication or for process plants. The growing demand of fast growing construction industry, has favored Equinox Global Trading Fze in offering complete solution for scaffolding accessories and main items, starting from Pipe Mills, Cut to length, multi hole drilling, thread rolling, special purpose welding machines for faster production of Ledger, Base Jack , Prop sleeves, jacks etc, shot blasting and surface finishing ( paint booths and galvanization plants) and finally material stacking and material handling solutions from Hercules and Safex Cranes.

The Pipe mill being offered is capable of making pipes ranging from ¾” to 3” in diameter and thickness ranging from 1.2 to 4 mm. Cut to length machines make it possible to have lengths from 3 m to 12 m as may be desired. The machines for complete pipe making process starting from De-coiling, slitting, baby coil making, recoiling, uncoiling, straightening, roll forming, HF welding, cut to length and stacking are all provided by Equinox Global Trading as a single point contact. The machines offered are from reputed suppliers and ensure for an un-interrupted production and maximum production.

Some of our major suppliers and principles are as below:

Press brake, Drilling and cutting are byBatliboi, India.
Shot blasting machines for pipes and its components (both roller conveyor type and hanger type machines) are by Patel Furnace and Forging Pvt Ltd, India.
Surface Coating solutions both wet and dry type are byEpcoat, India.
Multi-hole drilling machine by B. S. Engineering, India.
Thread Rolling machines by Dewan, India.

Special Purpose welding machine solutions like ledger welding, Inner Prop welding, Outer Prop welding, Cup lock welding are by Arcflow, India.

Material Handling machines like EOT cranes, Jib Cranes, Goliath cranes and hoists are by – Safex Cranes and Hercules, India.

De-coiling, slitting, re-coiler, un-coiler and straightening machines are from Batliboi Machines of India.

All of the suppliers are seasoned reputed suppliers with multiple trouble free installations in both India and MENA region.

Our resources enable us to provide complete engineering services for small to large sized projects; from conceptual / feasibility studies, planning, budget preparation, detailed design and drafting, management of construction and commissioning.

Through association with above said companies Equinox Global Trading is adding synergy to the varied clients need and expectation in today’s competitive market. In addition to this EGT has its presence in Engineering Design Services, Import & Export of goods to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries also. EGT has its presence in whole of MENA region and with offices located in India, UAE, Pakistan, Oman, Ghana and Iraq. This enables Equinox Global Trading to respond quicker to its customers.