Founded 1965 as manufacturer of machines for agriculture work,in 1991 CMA switched to producing pneumatic and hydraulic tapping machines for metal works. In 2002 the range of machines was extended by automatic coordinate drilling machines. The unique concept offers simplicity in combination with high productivity and flexibility highly appreciated by customers worldwide. Amongst export to e.g. Oman, Canada, New-Zealand over 100 machines were installed at companies in Germany. In May 2014 a new 3000m² production-plant was established in Alzira (Valencia), Spain. The production capacity has been increased to 1.000 tapping machines and 100 CNC-drilling-centers.

Tapping machines
These are flexible parallel-arm manual machines for manufacturing of accurate threads in a wide range of Metals by using different Tools. Highlights are:

- Capacity spreads from M2-M8 (pneumatic) upto M10-M125 (hydraulic).
- Short setup time (< 1 minute)
- Working area radius R 1800 mm or even R 2400 mm
- No breakage of taps (DIN-standard safety-clutch)
- Easy to operate, no special training required
- Portable for use on any required location
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=iZ_10qIysmY

The strengthof CMA machine is versatility and flexibility which makes them suitable for efficient and accurate production of 1 small part with only 1 hole upto serial production of parts with large dimensions (upto 13x3.5 m).
CMA offers the following models:
- Cantilever model TRD, stroke X/Y/Z 1.500x600x400 mm upto 16.500x600x400 mm
- Gantry model GRD, stroke X/Y/Z3.000x1.200x500 mm upto 13.000x3.500x500 mm

Both ranges are suitable for working plates, tubes, beams etc.
The intuitive OMRON Touchscreen PC-control (Japan) offers easy programming of grids, bolt-holes and working cycles for drilling, tapping, countersinking, flowdrilling, deep-hole drilling and several milling-cycles.The control can also be programmed in ISO-language (G-codes) and through 3D CAD systems (f.e. DXF and STEP-files)
Optionally the machines can be equipped with

- Automatic toolchanger,
- Automatic toolcalibrator,
- Chip-conveyor (standard on gantry-models),
- Unique system for setting/correcting height of product during production,
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=GL9UOL0v_U4

- 4th axis for automatic rotation of round, square and rectangular tubes,
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=l--W9VxFN3o

- Renishaw system for automatic setting of Zero Points.
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