The SciTeeX Group has been active in the surface treatment area for more than 20 years.

Wheel Blast Machines dedicated to mechanical surface preparationby impact treatment using the turbine technique. The RATIOJET Series developed by SciTeeX includes tailor made wheel blast machines manufactured to achieve the highest-quality by the strictestEuropean standards.In every wheel blast machine produced by SciTeeX, turbines are set at optimum angles to blast directly, not only the horizontal but also the vertical surfaces of the work pieces to be treated. Work pieces pass continuously through the cleaning chamber, transported by means of various types of conveyors.RATiOJET Roller conveyor machines are mainly used for treating long, flat components such as: steel sheets, profiles, simple structural steel parts. The speed of the conveyor is continuously adjusted automatically by the BMS control.

Pneumatic blast machines dedicated to mechanical surface preparationby impact treatment. Suitable to work with a single or with composite abrasives e.g. steel grit, chromium-nickel grit, corundum, glass and ceramic beads. In 2004 SciTeeX introduced an innovative technology Blastroom Modular System (BMS) that guarantees flexibility in machine configuration, short delivery times and best price to quality ratio. Key features distinguishing our blastrooms: exceptionally durable and cost effective FlexMatic recovery floor with automatic adaptation to quantity of the transported abrasive and noise-free operation of scrapers with the flexible strip; control box including advanced safety functions and operator-friendly software; smooth control of working pressure by means of the RACK system. BlastroomsSeries:typical CABILUX Series are small and medium-size blastrooms requiring no foundations, dedicated to surface preparation and finishing of small to medium sized workpieces e.g. 2m to 12m in length. Surface preparation and finishing of longer workpieces is also possible but requires non-standard solutions.Robot Blasting- SciTeeX has proven experience in producing blastrooms equipped with robot, a solution that improves production efficiency and reduces the production cost. Thermal spray: blastrooms can be adapted to enable thermal spraying processes to be applied.