WELDING PROCESS INDUSTRIAL (WPI Taiwan) designs and produces welding machines and guns. With 40 years experience, constant innovation & testing, we have successfully become the main developer and only manufacturer of suspension type water cooled pneumatic welding guns in Taiwan. We also specialize in designing whole plant production lines for spot welding and provide related technical consultants. WELDING PROCESS INDUSTRIAL (WPI Taiwan) is the name synonymous with portable spot welding guns and spot welding machines.

Welding Process Industrial Co, Ltd. (WPITaiwan) is the professional designer and manufacturer of suspension type spot-welding guns in Taiwan. "WPI Taiwan has specialized in the design and manufacture of spot welding machines. In spot welding engineering design, in spot welding research and development our expertise is trusted and certified by the automotive manufacturing industry. WPI is a global brand, with our exports constantly increasing to China, The Americas, Arabia, Africa, The Middle East, and South East Asia and we are trusted by our customers."