Accu-Cut Industrial Co., Ltd. is a highly reputed manufacturer of high quality end mills. At Accu-Cut, we have outstanding resources to design and manufacture the end mills that provide customers increased cutting efficiency, accuracy and longer tool life. Over the years, Accu-Cut end mills have been sold to worldwide market and fully satisfied to all customers. With our total dedication to the company’s philosophy of “Top Quality; Technology Leadership; Upgrading Competitive Capabilities,” Accu-Cut has become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality end mills in Taiwan.


Accu-Cut design and manufacture standard end mills which meet industry standards. In addition, Accu-Cut also produce customized end mill to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Basically Accu-Cut end mills are categorized into 5 series:

1. Soft Materials Cutting Series
2. Square End Mill Series
3. Ball End Mill Series
4. Corner Radius End Mill Service
5. High Speed and Hard Cutting Series

At Accu-cut, we not only produce the standard end mills but also are always ready to custom design end mills that will fully meet your special machining requirement. Our highly experienced engineers will carefully listen to your particular machining conditions, and accordingly design the correct end mills to achieve the accuracy, performance and tool life your need.

At Accu-cut, we have a full understanding that the tool holding system is critical to the tool machining accuracy. To minimize the run-out of end mill during machining, Accu-cut uses the most advanced micro adjusting collet system on the CNC tool and cutter grinder. It guarantees under 3 micron runout for tool during machining. Its reliable elimination of both radial and axial runout enables Accu-cut to achieve the best possible roundness and cylindricity for its end mills.