Fagor Automation S Coop Ltd a is a cooperative (employee-owned) enterprise started in Mondragon (Spain) in 1973 within the Fagor group and consolidated as an autonomous company in 1980. Fagor Automation has a worldwide network covering Europe, America and Asia with over 21 subsidiaries and more than 41 exclusive distributors. Fagor Automation Singapore is the 100% owned subsidiary and is responsible for the area of South East Asia, Middle East as well as Pakistan& Bangladesh. The company product range includes computer numerical control (CNC), digital readouts (DRO), linear and rotary feedback systems and digital drives and AC servo motors and spindle motors. 1. Digital Read Outs (DRO)

Fagor DRO's cover a wide range of 1 to 4 axes application in the industrial automation field. Together with Fagor Linear scales, make Fagor DRO systems the most profitable choice to increase productivity in your machine tools. The competitive advantage is a result of over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and sales in the machine tools industry, using advanced CNC technology to command leadership in term of features and reliability. The type of machines and application include milling machines, boring mills, lathes and turning centers, EDM, metrology, optical comparators, measuring machines, tools pre-setters, etc.

2. Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Fagor CNC's offer the most extensive range of controller from the basic machine tool application to the most sophisticated multi channels and multi axes high speed machining application. Fagor CNCs are designed to meet the most demanding machine tool application in lathes and turning centers, milling machines and machining centers as well as general purpose applications. One main competitive advantage is Fagor user friendly conversational feature that offers powerful and versatile programming. The extensive use of graphics at the programming displays means that even complex machining tasks are easily dealt with, only requiring the minimum of numerical data entry. This ensure that even operator with basic CNC programming skill is able to learn and operate the CNC in the shortest possible time, thus generating better productivity and efficiency from the machine tool in general.

3. Linear & Rotary feedback system

Fagor linear and rotary feedback systems transform movement in machine tools into electronic signals to be read and processed for displacement readout for measuring and control equipment. These systems use two different elements for generating the electrical feedback signals

- graduated glass scales (for linear feedback systems) or graduated glass discs (for rotary encoders)
- graduated steel tape scales
Using surface mount technology (SMD) to reduce size and increase reliability, Fagor feedback systems are able to meet the challenges and demand for today machine tools manufacturers in term of high speed machining, stronger vibration, greater precision, immunity to temperature changes, etc.

3.Digital servo drive system

Fagor synchronous AC motors are used to control axes in machine tools application. They are available from 1200, 2000, 3000 and 4000 rpm with torque from 1.2 Nm to 255 Nm.

Fagor digital drive system incorporate Sercos digital interface offering precise and efficient communications standard to transmit position, velocity and torque commands. The use of fiber optics ensures full immunity against noise and extremely easy cabling connection between modules. Besides Fagor synchronous and asynchronous motors, the drives are compatible to other high speed spindle motors or build in spindle motors operating on either sercos or analog interface.