OMSG – Propose itselfs as one of the best and more reliable partner for the supply of airless wheel blasting machines and blasting plants.
The application fields of our wheel blasting machines are many and different; we achieved a very high know-how and a very good quality level in processing :

• Commercial Plates And Beams
• Welded Steel Structural Works
- truck chassis
- construction equipment
s - agricolture machines
- railway wagon
- shipyard
- gates
- building and port cranes
- etc
• Pipings
• Almost 50 years of experience and more than 4500 wheel blasting machines sold in nearly 80 Countries all over the world , make us to be recognized as one of the leader company in the field of wheel blasting machines and particularly in the surface treatment of steel structural works .
• OMSG has a diffused sales organization of agents and distributors all over the world , and we are continuosly searching potential partners to enlarge our own sale potential.
• Complete customer satisfaction is the aim of OMSG and all machines carry the CE mark. OMSG are registered to ISO 9001:2000
According to the specification of the work-pieces to be treated , of their weights and their output , we can offer standard plants or special machines “ taylor made” upon customers’ inquiries .