Airblast recognises the needs of the industry and their portable abrasive blast equipment offers all the features that the professional user requires. All machines are fitted with a well designed and proven single piece remote control deadman system and silencer giving reduced labour cost, high efficiency of abrasive, performance and operator safety.

Airblast machines are designed to be used with the wide range of accessories including a wide choice of nozzles, wetblast attachments, internal pipe cleaning devices, dust free blasting heads. A wide range of high production single or double chamber and multiple outlet machines is available, manufactured to cover all possible requirements of the industry.

All equipment is designed to guarantee fast filling, unrestricted airflow, easy access for inspection and maintenance. The machines are constructed for a minimum 10 Bar (150 PSI) working pressure and are supplied with international approved test certificates.

AIRLESS PAINT LINE - Airblast is the first choice amongst painting professionals with their wide range of Graco air, electric and petrol powered cold and heated airless units. Alternative equipment includes air-assisted airless, conventional, HVLP, electro-static paintspray systems and booths.

The Airblast airless range is both robust, easy to maintain and has proved highly popular with multi-unit and single-unit user alike. It is generally accepted that for re-ability, versatility and speed of operation airless spraying is the best method of applying anti-corrosive coatings, including alkyds, chlorinated rubbers, polyurethanes, high-build epoxies, protective and decorative materials.

Air-assisted airless is a combination of airspray and airless spray techniques to provide a good surface finish.

Airblast Shotblasting Range – A range of machines for Steel Profiles Shot Blasting Machine, Overhead Rail Spinner Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine, Tumble Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine, Blastroom Piled and Released Type Shot Blasting Machine, Hanger Pass Shot blasting & others are also available.