KOIKE has introduced various new machines, like the Fiber laser (Fibertec), the Monotec, our portable CNC cutting machine PNC-12 Extreme and Deltatex cutting machine with 3D Link.

FIBERTEC - For the next generation of cutting machines, KOIKE has been engaged with the development of fiber lasers. Because of the efforts of KOIKE to improve the ability for mild steel cutting of fiber laser, in combination with a specialized cutting head for steel plate, KOIKE is the first company in the world who succeeded to achieve a stable production cut of 25 mm mild steel with a fiber laser.

MONOTEC - The cutting machine is a robust high-quality CNC controlled cutting machine, suitable for economical and good quality cutting of metals from 0,5 up to 20mm (depending on machine configuration).

PNC-12 EXTREME - Another highlight in the product range is the new PNC-12 Extreme. This portable CNC cutting machine from Koike is better, quicker and more sophisticated than every other machine available in the market today. With standard cutting patterns to a USB connection to read out your own patterns and drawings. Available in standard oxy-fuel cutting or to up-grade to plasma cutting including Arc Voltage Torch Height Control unit with torch break-away system, maximum cutting range up to 1500 x 3000 mm and is standard with intergrated automatic on/off gas distribution system in the cross-bar.

DELTATEX WITH 3D LINK - KOIKE showed the new Deltatex gantry cutting machine with the innovative 3D Link cutting tool. The unparalleled flexibility and productivity of the new Deltatex for cutting with oxy-fuel and precision plasma sets new standards in the cutting industry. The torsion-free and compact gantry machine is developed with particular regards to long-term operation in demanding production environments. Double-sided rack and pinions, brushless AC drives and differential compensation enable unmatched precision cuts at a positioning speed of 24,000 mm / min.