Press Brakes - Durma press brakes guarantee precision, low maintenance costs, low operating cost, and long term reliability . These features along with large investments in modern manufacturing equipment have made Durma the largest volume press brake producer in the world.

All Durma press brakes are produced with modern design technology and incorporate rigid stress relieved frames to increase your productivity with accurate part production. Demanding applications are easily achieved. A broad offering of sizes and features satisfy nearly all economical requirements.

SHEARS - Durma Shears have been manufactured since 1956.Wide range of sheet metal shear cutting operations in variety of industries and this experiences support us to design durable, low distortion and precise shears.

Even 10meter length shear frame machined with sophisticated 5 axes CNC machines without reposition which results parallel and square surfaces.

Automatic hold-down force adjustments secure thin or thick, mild or stainless steel shearing without extra adjustment requirement.

Laser Cutting - A modular product family of state-of-the-art flying optics laser cutting machines where the cutting head moves accurately and with high dynamics over the work piece. There are solutions for different sheet sizes, with optimal laser technologies for every range of materials and thicknesses, and all are driven by high performance and maintenance free rack and pinion or linear motor motion systems.

Plasma Cutting - Plasma machines offer quality, efficiency, lower cutting cost and wide range of cutting of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

High performance machines provide the best cutting angles and long consumable life for the customerís needs by using the world class plasma equipments and control systems.