As modern business, we want to inform you online about our services. We are confident that you will be astonished about the existing possibilities and we hope to arouse your interest in them.

Our experience in purchasing Chinese products in connection with Chinas low costs of manufacturing, secures your competitive advantage at the European market!

Our business stands for outstanding service to the customer since the year 1995. Our special competence is product procurement in the area which is estimated by our long-time customers, especially the extended workbench China. Our german partners to turn to provide a fast commercial handling here on the spot.

We organize production displacements or individual production and the partial displacement of cost-intensive articles by your drawings and patterns for you.

HERR & Co. GmbH offers consulting and temporary management for low-cost production in China. HERR & Co. GmbH performs particularly for small and medium-sized businesses relocation and outsourcing to China to lower production costs. The foreign production in China, especially Shanghai, is an appropriate and for many products already common measure to improve competitiveness and to attract new customers, as well as sales - and profits.

From HERR & Co. GmbH for you to delivery of the products from China are led all applicable measures in the roads. In addition, there HERR & Co. GmbH appropriate chinese manufacturers, negotiating deals on production costs, you shall advise on the procurement, support you in all contractual matters with China and manages and controls the production in China.

Parts, components, equipment, and tools for production are manufactured in China according to your drawings, specifications and designs. HERR & Co. GmbH for you in China in the production control and quality management present, with regular quality checks. We take care in China for orderly production and timely delivery.