Welding done - without applying SpatFree

- welding spatters are near weld seam area
Welding done - after applying SpatFree

- near seam area is totally free from welding spatters
We at, Novel Surface Treatments ( NOVEL) , manufacture various kinds of surface treatment related quality products for various applications to suit different industries and application areas.

Our solutions range from Stainless Steel related products, Steel related, Welding & Fabrication industry related. We are always striving to solve surface related issues of the industry and offer best quality products.

VK range of Pickling & Passivation Chemicals for Stainless Steel.
1) E-Polish 210 - Electropolishing chemical & plant which gives mirror bright Stainless Steel metal surface without buffing.
2) SpatFree 113 - Silicone free , Non-toxic , Non-flammable, Directly paintable Welding Anti Spatter Cream compound for All Metals & All Welding
3) 4) Rustocon - Converts steel rust itself into protective coating & further prevents rusting corrosion of steel.