Welding fume consists of airborne un-burnt flux residues, particles of both filler rod material as well the material substrate and heat fume generated from the welding process itself, fumes can normally be seen. Exposure both short and long term should be avoided at all costs.The best way of preventing this is to prevent the fumes/dust from getting into the breathing zone of the operator by collecting it before it gets airbourne. Gem Industrial Equipment works with Plymovent of Holland to offer an enginnered approach to fume management. This approach ensures clean air in your working environment with a tailor-made, cost-effective and easy operating system.

Depending on customers needs we can provide:

Multiple arm systems
Downdraft table systems
Extraction hood systems
General ventilation systems

Plymovent extraction arms enable you to capture fumes at the source and DraftMax downdraft tables provide a solid solution for a safe work environment.
FlexHood is a modular extraction hood especially suitable for robotic welding applications and can be tailored to your needs. Also a wide range of stationary filter units for welding fumes and dust and fans covering most common demands in various applications are available.
Also supplying a wide range of mobile and portable filter units for welding fumes with control control equipment to automatically controls your extraction and filtration system, GEM INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT can solve all your fume extraction requirements.