HGG - CNC pipe cutting machines and robot profile cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections.

HGG Profiling Equipment supplies a wide range of innovative and high quality CNC cutting machines for profiling complex bevelled edges and 3D profiles. HGG develops these cutting machines for cutting pipes, beams, hollow sections, profiles and various other (thick walled) shapes. Depending on the needs of our customers we can supply either oxyfuel (flame cutting) and/or plasma cutting machines.

With our broad selection of products, HGG offers solutions for the offshore, shipbuilding, steel construction, process and crane building industries. The use of either our patented cutting head or a robot allows for a variety of cutting angles from plus 70° to minus 70°, ensuring an optimal weld preparation and yielding savings on fitting and welding costs.

Since all of HGG’s machine systems are developed in-house and are fully modularly built – both from a mechanical, electro-technical and software point of view - we can jump in immediately when our clients seek to expand their current machine and software. All of our machines are equipped with various unique parts and leading technology, including specially designed parts such as cutting torches. They also feature unique CADCAM connections with e.g. Tekla, which enables very simple downloading of drawings straight into the machine.

The use of first rate materials allows for high precision, combined with high cutting speed. Thanks to first rate weld preparation and ultra-accurate cuts, HGG machines can reduce project throughput times by up to 30%. An excellent alignment between our software and the machine involved is the key to this flawless system that allows for even the most complicated cuts and profiling. Our CNC plasma cutting machines can reduce the throughput time even more!

HGG can supply several standard machines but also develops customised solutions. Having systematically broadened our machine line over the years, we either have or can find a solution to every problem.