ACTECH is the leading provider of affordable CNC machine and system solutions to the metal industry.

As cost pressure grows, production times are becoming shorter and skilled staff is harder to find. Customers no longer want to invest machine with weak system solution and technical support. Instead, they are looking for compatible system solutions that set new standards of productivity, effectiveness, autonomy, precision and user friendliness.

ACT CNC PLASMA - ACTECH ACT Series Plasma Cutting Machine had been used in all types of industry ranging for light duty operation to all day production.

MEGA CNC PLASMA - Mega Series CNC Cutting Machine is an ideal system for metal work application where high quality and quick processing are the keys to efficient operations. It was designed associated not only one technology but also the beauty of machinery designs. The MEGA SERIES rugged and durable design guarantees an extended operating life even under the most demanding operating conditions.

GIGA CNC PLASMA – Gantry Machine with one Plasma Holder

NANO CNC PLASMA - Nano 1212 CNC Cutting Machine manufacturing system was in place with highly efficient assembly line which allows a mass production. In consequence, we have reduced the production cost substantially.

Other models include the ACM TWIN 1325 for twin cutting, ACM1325A woodworking router, ACG0609 AND ACG0404 CNC ROUTER for signmaking and the ACG1212/1224 CNC ROUTER for woodworking.