LaserQuote manufacturing is designed specifically for the small to medium size metal fabrication job shop. We cover all aspects of running your manufacturing operation. Below we list the main sections of functionality :
You can use one, many or all of the features below. The interface is customisable and sections of the platform can be switched on or off. LaserQuote's concept offers all modules out of the box enabling you to start using what you need when it suits you.

Do not fall for the modular software trap where the product you thought you were buying does not turn up to cover the features you need.

Quick and Easy to Learn
The functionality of LaserQuote may be familiar to some user but it is worth remembering that LaserQuote utilises new technologies. Cloud computing for manufacturing is a breakthrough for the industry. It is easy and quick to learn and use because it uses your already known web browser and many of the actions and activities associated to skills learned while browsing.

Anyone that can do that will be able to master LaserQuote in record time.

Critical Data At Your Fingertips
LaserQuote has personalised data delivery built in. Alerts, Tasks and reminders are personally generated and delivered by LaserQuote for all user level accesses within it. Corrective action if followed properly becomes unnecessary as a task, problems become apparent early and solutions offered before the complexity of the problem explodes. LaserQuote puts the power of information at the fingertips of your manufacturing team.

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