FACCIN MACHINES is considered to be the most technologically advanced bending rolls for plate and profiles available today, Worldwide.
The world largest factory dedicated to the construction of bending rolls. This includes Design, Fabrication, Machining and Assembly. Total Quality, Product Reliability and Efficiency in the after sale services are kept under control trough a stable and knowledgeable team of experts. This is why FACCIN is considered a serious and reliable partner for the present and for the future.

Their list consists of machines for PLATE ROLLS , ANGLE ROLLS, DISHED HEADS.

Angle rolls are expressly designed for rolling profiles with high resistance to the bending. This is the reason why the structures are heavily dimensioned and are built with heavy thickness plates of certified quality steel. They are Electro-welded and heat treated to release the internal stresses. The solidity of the structure is in fact an essential parameter to guarantee reliability and precision trough the years.

The RCMI series angle rolls superior quality is also guaranteed by a complete series of accessories supplied as standard equipment.
For more versatility in rolling aluminium profiles or for super-heavy rolling requirements up to section modulus of 17.000 cubic centimetre (1.000 cubic inches), Faccin offers the TAURUS series of variable geometry profile benders in which the distance between the bending roll is set according to the optimal bending geometry to minimise the distortion of the profile cross-section and the waste of material to be cut at the two edges.
Rotating Table Benders and Flange Rollers complete the wide range of machine designed for optimum rolling quality and maximum productivity.

The ASI version of plate rolls guarantees superior quality of bending thanks to the asymmetric geometry of the rolls movement. Optimal plate drive is guaranteed by the two powered pinch rolls. It is ideal for avoiding any slipping even on very thin plate.The side roll moving inside a linear slide bends the material very near to the clamping point resulting in a prebending quality similar to the one achievable with the more expensive 4 rolls machines. Rolling of profiles is possible thanks to the extended shafts provided as standard on all models. It is possible to mount either standard profiles or pipe dies.A convenient foot pedal control allows single man operation for plate loading and prebending operations.

Here below are a few ranges of machines produced by FACCIN.

FACCIN circular shears are suitable for cutting the disks before the dishing operations. Loading and unloading can be automated to reduce cutting cycle times.

FACCIN automatic flanging machines range from 6mm (1/4”) to 45mm (1 3/4”) cold forming and heavier when using the hot forming process.

FACCIN hydraulic presses, model PPM, range up to 1,650 tons and are versatile enough to be used for dishing, straightening and swaging operations.

FACCIN automatic manipulators and global plate handling systems complete the FACCIN range for the total automation of the whole manufacturing process.