PM today has an important position in the customized design, in the production, the installation and technical assistance of automatic sheet-processing systems.

The specificity of PM is to design according to the specific needs of the client, to produce high qualità machines which are easy to use.

Our machines are designed according to methods of modularity and versatility, so that they can be integrated with other conventional systems too. The main typologies of our products are made up of automatic sheet-processing systems where we manufacture loop control contact type uncoilers, uncoilers, roll forming machines, fixed and flying cutting units, unloading benches, control panels for roll former, safety equipment, welded tubes, straightener with feeder & rolls, calendered trapezoidal sheet.

With this array of machines.PM specialises in production lines for shelves, Automatic line for production of lighting profiles, Automatic line for the production of side members for trucks, Automatic production line for guides for gates, Production line for shelving uprights and Automatic line for the production of various kind of welded tube