Faccin srl, with over 40 years experience, has been the undisputed world leader in designing, engineering, manufacturing and selling plate bending rolls, section bending rolls, dishing and flanging lines for large dome ends, as well as special machines for the shipbuilding and aerospace industries. Certified under UNI EN ISO 9001 (since 2009), Faccin serves the rolling machine market with machines known for high reliability, efficiency, and material/machining quality. All the production steps carried out by Faccin in its Headquarters in Italy respect the highest industrial production standards.

A unique choice of plate rolls offers state of the art solutions to the most demanding problems associated with plate rolling. For light plates initial pinch machines are available (ASI series) or the HCU models with urethane rolls for high production. For heavier thicknessí the range includes the traditional three roll machine (3HEL series) and the three roll machine with variable axis design (HAV series) as well as our world renowned four roll design (4HEL series). Ships frame roll presses and special machines complete the full range of machines to roll plates with thicknessí varying from less than 1mm to over 300mm with useful working lengths exceeding 18 meters.

Any need of profile bending in the medium to heavy duty capacity can be satisfied by choosing from the range of RCMI models available with bending capacities up to 1700cm3. The rotating table forming machines (Giotto series) solve all problems in the field of high precision ring and flange rolling, with high production requirements. The beam bending machines (Taurus series) complete the range with a top bending capacity of 18000cm3.

The FACCIN dished end production line, includes rotary shears (CB series) and dishing presses (PPM series), together with automatic manipulators (MA series), allows the dishing of heads up to 10metres diameter and 80mm in thickness. A large choice of automatic flangers (BF series), is available with capacities ranging from 10 mm to over 50mm.

In the GCC countries Faccin is now leading the market for the rolling machines over 100mm capacity. The HAV series (3 rolls variable geometry) and 4HEL series (4 rolls synchronized rolling machine) are serving many of the most demanding and exclusive GCC contractors in Saudi (Al-Zamil heavy industry, Al-Zamil Metalworks Factory, A.I.C. Steel, Olayan Descon, MIS Arabia, Bilfal, Natco-AlRushaid), Kuwait (ABJ Kharafi National, I.S.C.O. Integral Service Co.), UAE (Belleli Energy, Descon Engineering, Oilfield Supply Center OSC, Ferrofab, Drydock World) and more.

In the past 20 years Faccin built a big net of customers in GCC thanks to the company mission of total customer care. The Faccin service dept is the benchmark for continuous and successful business in the Gulf. Their full availability, competence, courtesy, prompt action, commitment, will satisfy the most demanding industrial needs.