PASS Stanztechnik AG does not see itself as being merely a tool supplier, but as a partner of the sheet-metal processing industry. We have been operating on the basis of this philosophy since our company was founded in 1982. These years of experience have made us specialists in building CNC punching tools. Our special strength can be seen in the development and production of special tools. Of course, we also offer a wide programme of standard tools and standardised special tools.

PASS developed with the PASS Beta-V2® System one tooling system for THICK TURRET punching machines.

The system is characterized by a simple, quick and safe handling, a tough assembly and an extremely short set-up time.

The PASS Beta-V2® System constists of a tightened Head-Spring-Unit, one punch guide independent of the form, and the wear and tear parts “punch body and stripper plate”.

This means that the tool can be modified to other contours within a very short time by changing only the punch and the cost-efficient stripper plate. No auxiliary tools, as well as, no vice have to be used, only the hands.

The length adjustment of the punch as well as the changing of the stripper plate will be carried out „at a push of a buttom”. A secure and exact length adjustment can be guaranteed by using the intregrated snap valve. The stripper plate can be disassembled in the same way.

The PASS Beta-V2® System can also be delivered for machines with grinding device (ABS). It is to be emphasized that the Head-Spring-Unit keeps also the same but with a hole channel for the lubrication system.