Sumner will be introducing two new models of pins for aligning flanges to pipe during the fit up process. The Qwik Pins are hardened tapered steel pins that automatically center on 5/8” to 1 5/8” flange holes during two-holing. The Qwik Pins feature stub acme threads for maximum clamping power and a push button quick release for easy assembly and disassembly.

The Flange Leveler is a similar series of flange pins that combine leveling and two holing operation in one tool. Offering the same features as the Qwik Pins, the Flange Leverler has built in lexon vials for quick and accurate two holing and vertical leveling of flange face. The quick release push bottom mechanism on the flange nut is standard equipment as well.

Other new products on the Sumner stand will be a new and improved internal fit up tool for fast centering of flanges up to 12”. A special new portable stand that allows steel beams up to 24”to be wheeled around fabrication shops saving crane time. The Beam Jax has a built in clamp for holding beams while moving beams and leveling capability for welding.

Finally, Sumner will be showing their new series of Circle Quick tools for fast and accurate torch cutting of holes in steel plate.