Rolleri SpA, company Leader in the field of press brake tooling, will present in occasion of SteelFab Exhibition 2011, besides a vaste range of tools, the innovative and exclusive “Rolleri clamping Systems” for press brake machines. The range of tools that Rolleri proposes in the catalogue are, not only the standard promecam- Amada tools, but also Colgar, Gasparini, Beyeler, Trumpf, colly and American. Besides a vaste range of tools Rolleri offers to his customers retrofit and equipment, such as tooling cupboard, front references and the couple of back gauges, useful for the correct sheet positioning during the bending phases.

Two are the type of steel mostly used, c45 and 42crmo4 steel. All our tools are hardened on the working areas and ground. Rolleri is certified ISO 9001.2000. All the production phases are submitted to a tightened quality inspection, by following the specifications codified in the company’s quality handbook.

We check all the critical dimensions of each tool during each production step and only after the tolerance has been checked, that tool is coded with a unique quality assurance serial number, that identifies every manufacturing stage. Our tolerance is equal to +/-0.01mm on all the tool working surfaces.

During SteelFab Exhibition Rolleri will present the quick clamping systems “Rolleri clamping Systems”, that represent, for the customer, the best answer in terms of quick and safe clamping solutions, keeping the price low, thanks to the simplicity of their project and their use.