German Factories Machines will be bringing a new member to their stand at SteelFab 2011.

Dr. Hochstrate - Germany presents a new generation, simple to use bending machine which can bend various shapes and form.The bending machine is at least a very robust and tough welded steel construction. In contrary to other conventional constructions the weight could be reduced.

An essential component of this new construction is the optimization of the bending force when folding. The special constellation of the hydraulic cylinders underneath the bending beam (incl. different bending radius checkback) guarantees no dead angle over the range, so the hydraulic drive is most effective.

With the patented hydraulic dynamic crowning of the bending beam there is no longer the effect of "bulging" when bending sheets with different materials and different sheet thickness. Traditional bending machines have almost a static crowning of the bending beam, which is useful just for a special sheet thickness and a special bending angle.

Contrary to that the new hydraulic dynamic crowning of the bending beam makes it possible to bend a sheet with an arbitrary angle exactly, independent of sheet thickness and material. The controlled operating of the beams with electronic control, regarding sheet thickness and restraightening component, directs the corresponding crowning of the bending beam, so an optimal bending result over the whole length is guaranteed.

Simple operation by automatic sheet metal thickness control:
Long setup times for necessary adjustments do no longer aggravate the working process because of the automatic sheet thickness control. The thickness of the sheet will be scanned automatically and the bending beam will be positioned to its required space to the lower beam. This, combined with a clearly visible control panel, makes expensive training of personnel unnecessary. So a flexible exchange of users is practicable and operating errors are avoided.