SteelFab 2011 to stretch its boundaries. Visitors can expect more exhibitors from new areas.
SteelFab 2011 to stretch its boundaries. Visitors can expect more exhibitors from new areas. SteelFab has achieved new benchmarks with every edition of the show during its six year run (October 2004, January 2006, January 2007, January 2008, January 2009 and January 2010).

The number of exhibitors has constantly risen from 48 in the first edition to 231 direct participants in 2009 representing over 600 brands from all over the world. Even with the global recession, SteelFab 2010 retained 190 direct exhibitors who showcased over 500 brands at the show.

“With some recovery in the world and regional economy, we expect a good growth for the show in 2011” said Mr. Naveen Fernandes, Exhibition Manager. “If the recovery is really appreciable in the last two quarters, we may be looking to exceed the exhibitor numbers of the 2009 show” he added.

Actual floor space has increased from 1,200 sqm (gross in 2004) to 18,000 (gross) in 2009 and 16,000 (gross) in 2010. The direct exhibitor numbers from Italy, Germany, and other European countries have remained quite stable.

“The slowdown has increased our efforts to engage industry associations and exhibition agents across the world” said Mr. Fernandes. “We have already moved forward in Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, Korea, Spain and Taiwan” he explained.

This would mean new exhibitors and the availability of a wider range of equipment with more cost to benefit ratio, for the Middle East metal-working industry.

“Manufacturers and machinery associations have been shaken by the recession, and are eager to move out of the comfort of their home markets. They are now advocating exports and are aiming to strike a better balance between their domestic and export sales” he said. “Our drive to recruit exhibitors from different markets addresses this changing need of the machinery manufacturers. SteelFab 2011 will definitely feature some new exhibitors from more countries” he concluded.