M.T.C. Bamieh has specialized in sheet metal working machines since more than 25 years during which we supplied over 100 production lines to the Middle East countries. We supply standard machines produced by our regular suppliers, customized according to client's production needs, with the highest quality and technology to reduce operator error, scrap, and equipment’s setup and ensure minimum down time. We also produce special machines according to our own design to meet certain production needs. This allows us to supply single line or complete production facilities with minimum cost and best return on investment.

Our main products are: Slitting lines and Cut to length lines, Welded pipe lines and Pipe packaging machines, Steel tape coil preparing systems, Serrated bar production in coil or bar shape, profiling machines, stamping presses and other metal equipments.

We can supply Pole and High Mast production lines with the most advanced technology worldwide: our equipment guarantees the high productivity, low dimensional tolerance with minimum labor. Production system which eliminate human error and production bottleneck. Modular system which allow to start with simplified version and upgrade automation in future. We could offer upgrading of exiting production facilities with various degree of automation. Different size production line, utility poles, highway lighting pole, medium tension and high tension electric high mast.

After sales service is a priority for us since it guarantees our client's satisfaction and our future growth.