Tower Scheme Design:

Each 36 square meter is equipped with one tower and standard furniture and lighting as shown. The total height of the tower is 4m and the tower base occupies an area of 1 square meter within your stand space. Larger stands are provided towers & furniture in multiples of 36 sqm. The tower is best suited at the centre of the stand for adequate lighting. it includesTower Scheme Design:

▶ 1 unit Tower – 1.0m L x 1.0m W x 4.0m H pillar with 3.0m L x 3.0m W x .75m H header with Digitally printed Name / Logo
▶ 12 nos. 200W Halogen Lights
▶ 8 nos. 100W Normal Spotlights
▶ 4 nos. Power Socket 13 Amps each
▶ 2 nos. Standard Square Tables
▶ 8 nos. Stackable Chairs
▶ 2 nos. Waste Basket
▶ 36 square meters Roll Carpet

Shell scheme stand includes

▶ Octanorm panel size:2.50 M length X 1.00 M width(Aluminum frame included)
▶ Octanorm fascia size: 3.00M length 30 cm width (Aluminum frame included)
▶ 4pcs. 100W Ordinary Spotlights
▶ 1 pcs. Power point with 13 Amp220 / 240 Volts, double socket outlet
▶ 1 Table
▶ 2 Chairs
▶ Tiles Carpet Flooring.

In addition to the above you can upgrade your shell scheme to any of the following designs